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The follow-up after radical surgery of colorectal cancer: is it time for a "tailored" strategy?

Clin Colorectal Cancer. 2011 Jun;10(2):81-4.


Nannini M, Pantaleo MA, Biasco G.


The problem of the surveillance for colorectal cancer after radical surgery is a widely debated argument. Like for other solid tumors, the issue is divided in 2 main routes: the early diagnosis of recurrence and the early diagnosis of a second primary cancer. Genetic and molecular features have been recognized as useful tools to measure these risks, however, the instruments are still insufficient to design a personalized strategy for the patient. In an era of "tailored therapies" in oncology, even the follow-up of the surgically treated patient for colorectal cancer should enter "a tailor's shop in which several competent tailors" should be available to manage a complex problem.

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